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What is a Feather Flag?

Feather Flags are portable advertising printed on polyester using a dye sublimation printing process; the poles are made from fibre glass and metal.

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The Purpose of Feather Flags

Like all forms of advertising there are the pros and cons of each form. Feather Flags offer many pros because they’re affordable and effectively draw attention to an event or place.

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Effective Feather Flag Marketing

When it comes to promotional events, businesses that have a brick and mortar location can draw in a significant amount of outside traffic if they use the flags strategically.

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Colour Selection

Selecting the right colour to represent your brand in order to attract your target audience will help with the effectiveness of the marketing. Colours that are brighter reach a larger audience.

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Placing the flags in the correct place is by far the most important and crucial part of any traditional campaign strategy.

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Feather Flags can be great assets in your marketing campaign to promote your company and they should not be ignored in any retail or restaurant business campaign.

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